selected breeds of various shapes, tastes and smells.

plant new varieties of plants in your garden and watch how they differ from each other. from small autoflowers through the best classics to large long-flowering trees.

if you’re lucky, you might even be able to harvest some.

What can you look forward to?

juicy illustrations of no less juicy varieties

expansion contains 27 seed cards, 9 different types of plants.


new features of plants

plants have different potential. You will find species from tiny bonsais to bushes.


all new varieties have feminized seeds. you don’t have to worry about them turning into a male. but beware, they can still be pollinated by a male.


less means sometimes more. Autoflowers compensate for the lower yield by maturing earlier when other plants are only flowering. so they really can shuffle the cards at the beginning of the game.


massive and bushy giants with enormous yields. however, you must not harvest them prematurely to make the best of their potential. only at the end of the game you will see wether they are still in your garden.


some varieties have been able to adapt and increase their resistance to diseases. mold and mites have no chance. Unfortunately, it will not help them against other dangers.

Bonus of experienced grower

other plant varieties have different requirements for their cultivation. but if you grow more plants of the same type, it is easier to care for them. this will show up at harvest. if you manage to harvest more plants of the same type at the same time, you will get more yield.

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