withstand nature and opponents in the merciless world of danky dank weed growers. in autofarmer you take on the role of a gardener with the aim of producing as much cannabis as possible.


in order to harvest any cannabis, we have to plant the seeds first. each seed has a potential of 40 grams.

the value of a plant may change depending on how well the plant has prospered during its life. for example, some diseases reduce the yield of a plant, or on the other side, the use of a fertilizer strengthens the plant.

the current potential of the plant is indicated by positive and negative chips. if the potential of the plant drops to 0 grams, the plant dies.

garden preparation

At the beginning of each game, players prepare their gardens. Two six-sided dice serve this purpose determining how many seeds a player gets for the game and how many plants germinate from these seeds.

growing plants

germinated plants should be cared for. in order to harvest grams from plants, they need to survive three game rounds – growth, flowering and harvesting.

playing cards

playing the cards, players try to pump their gardens up as much as possible and make other players’ farming unpleasant at the same time.

There are 13 types of playing cards in 3 different rarities.

there are 6 types of common happy cards, 8 copies each

the fertilizer card strengthens the garden, with the sickle card you can get rid of plants preventively and The burglar card steals any plant from one of the opponents.

the mites and the mold are two kinds of diseases in the game. they are attached to a specific plant and spread if not treated. The mischief continues until the entire garden is destroyed, or until the player gets rid of them.

protective Spray is used for treatment. this way the plant can be protected from further danger.

there are 4 types of legendarily escalated cards, 3 copies each

the legendary fertilizer final solution will strengthen your entire garden, on the other side, the male pollinates all your plants and you have no other choice but to chew the seeds.

only the real “friend” knows where your best flowers are. he is patient and waits. and when you feel he is crossing the line, don’t hesitate to warn him that this is not the way to go!

there are 3 types of unique epically loaded cards, 1 copy each

control the weather to your advantage. do you have more plants than your opponents? use the sunshine card. if others are doing better, call the Storm.

a player who has at least 6 plants is considered a large-scale grower. rat on them and enjoy the show.

cops will seize all the plants in the garden, harvested grams, as well as seeds. only playing cards remain in hand


It’s fast, funny and instructive :)) just awesome

“the game has simple rules and nice adaptation.

“unconventional and interesting chill that can turn into a pretty barn burner. at first glance, it seems that it is all about luck but at the next game you will find out that it has decent tactical depth

Great game, beautiful graphics.

content of the box

1 game instructions

48 seed cards

63 playing cards

3 season indicator cards

4 rules cards

45 positive chips

35 negative chips

2 six-sided dice

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