who are we?

the core of the band consists of three friends from brno. david and slavo devise game mechanics and honza, aka slakinglizard, illustrates the cards.

other friends help us with proofreading, translations and, last but not least, advice on how to go through the bureaucratic processes unharmed.

the community around the Autofarmer then takes care of testing new ideas, so if there is some really dumb idea, we will stop it soon enough.

why a game about growing cannabis?

In 2013, a growshops raid took place in the Czech Republic.

this injustice was not long coming.

We have already had the first prototype just an hour after this event. although, when it comes to quality, the adaptation was quite infamous, the game itself was quite enjoyable though.

pen and paper. five rounds were played, and the only special card was The Cops card that symbolized the mentioned event.

Not long after, the most legendary prototype ever, made of rice boxes and other packaging, has come to light.

We reduced five rounds to three and added a pile of other special cards that are still in minor variations in the final game.

we started thinking about a graphical representation. are we supposed to go for pepper instead of cannabis so they are not after us? in the end, not only common sense prevailed.

Mostly it was the goal we have set to ourselves – to bring growing of cannabis to the general public.

during the development we have experimented with the game interface. at first, we wanted to focus only on symbols.

when the game mechanics were quite well-tuned, we realized that displaying them with symbols was just not enough.

so, we focused on the text.

the mere textual representation of the mechanics brought further trouble. text-rich cards took more space and the central image did not fit well. as a result, the cards lacked some unifying order.

At least, we chose the middle way.

we identified common characters of all cards and divided them into groups.

this way, the symbol represented longer text while giving more space to the image.

and when we finally took it super-seriously, slakinglizard came at the scene.

after that, the first few sketches were made, and the final pictures followed them soon enough.

And then, all that was needed to align everything with the user interface to make it work as well as possible.

since the first idea, about a century later, we released the Autofarmer.

and on June 28, 2018, we could go to the post office to send the first games.

peep into the world of slakinglizard

photos from our hardy part sessions


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